Johnny, Melanie and Johnny Lee Archer at the BCA Championships in May 2005

Johnny Lee with Johnny and Melanie Archer.  Look at Johnny Lee pointing to the camera!
View the brackets from this event.  Johhny placed 2nd!

Pool is Johnny's passion and has been since he started playing after school with his friends. Much like any other sport, be it an online casino, darts, basketball, or soccer, the only way to improve and achieve a status like "player of the decade" is with continued practice. Of course having the right equipment, like the Scorpion cue, certainly can give a player the advantage he needs.

For those of you who don't know, Johnny is nicknamed the Scorpion because his zodiac sign is Scorpio and what's more he is sponsored by Scorpion Cue, coincidence or not? Johnny is not only passionate about pool, he is also an avid golfer. He once said that there are big similarities between the two games because for both of them the timing has to be spot on and you have to use your whole body in the stroke.

Johnny Lee and Melanie Archer!