Special thanks to Juergen Hahnel, of Germany, for photos and tournament report.


 Johnny Wins in Rome! 

With his second victory in his second appearance in the Euro-Tour, Johnny Archer continued the success he started in Portugal. In the final match at "Cue Club" in Lantina, Italy (around 65 km south of Rome), Johnny beat the young Dutch player Nick van de Berg who had the best tournament of his young career. van de Berg lead the match early until Johnny took over at 5-5 to win clearly with a score of 11-6. Archer had problems with an injury to his elbow, which one could easily see was affecting his break. Johnny's precise positioning and ball making made up for the uncharacteristic weak breaks.

Third and Fourth places were shared between Dutch Alex Lely, who lost 6-11 and Mika Immonnn who lost 7-11. Michaela Tabb from Scotland was a great referee for the finals.

Ralph Eckert is now leading the Euro-Tour Rankings but will lose the lead after the next event in Kaliningrad because he has to defend too many points there. This tournament will be the basis for the announcements to the World Championships in Cardiff.

Rank    Money
1.      6.000,00 DM
2.      4.500,00 DM
3/4.    3.000,00 DM
5-8.    2.500,00 DM
9-16.   1.900,00 DM
17-32.  700,00 DM
33.-64. 100,00 DM

Total Payout: 56.100,00 DM


Tournament Format:  A maximum of 128 players start in 4 groups, the leading 8 players of the European Rankings are seeded. They play best of 21, double elimination. In each group 8 winner are qualified for the final group, also 8 losers. All winners go straight in the final group, where they play single elimination, also best of 21. The losers are drawn to the winner. 

Johnny and Mika


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