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From Henrik Christensen
Hi Johnny. I'm a 1. division player from denmark that was wondering if there where any serious pool schools "over there". I never actually played any big tournaments, so i thought of trying the states. My 9-ball game is pretty solid. What do you think it takes to make a living out of this. The problem here in denmark is that it's not such a popular sport, so it's hard to get serious training.
I am not sure how well a 1 is over there. If you are trying to become a pro over here you better try to get a little better before you come over here and try to join the tour. My advice to you is to learn from the better players over here. Accu-stats video productions have a lot video tapes you can learn from. If you need anymore help write back in.   Thanks, Johnny

From Dane Davidson: Hi Johnny, My question is about your break. When your playing on a bar table where do you place whitey, where do you make contact with him, and is your stroke a straight back and forth or more of a pendulum stroke? One more quick one '99 US Open what were you using for a break cue? Thanks, Dane Davidson Goose Creek SC.
When I break on a bar table I break a little more from the middle of the table. I mean not from the rail.I  hit the cue ball a little below center. I still follow through about the same as I do on the big table. At the us open I used a mace break cue.  Thanks, Johnny

From randon hrycyk: hi johnny, i just saw you defeat jose parica for the brunswick pro players championship at the 2004 super billiards expo in valley forge, pa. you played an incredible match, by the way. while watching the game, i began to think that your name sounded like a very sleek stage pseudonym. anyway, i was wondering if johnny archer is your real name or if it's something like archibald horowitz. thanks a lot and good luck in the future.
I am glad you were able to watch the finals in valley forge. I did play a great match. By the way Johnny Archer is my real name not my stage name.   Thanks, Johnny

From Mark Foran:
Hello Johnny, Just wanted to say thanks for taking a picture with me this past weekend at Valley Forge Expo. You were in a hurry to get to your next match. But you still took the time and smiled the whole time. The picture turned out great!  It was my first Expo & Pro Tournament. I had a GREAT time. You and the Other Pros were so NICE to sign autographs for your fans...lol...and you have a lot of them!!!  Congrats to you & your wife on having a new baby boy. I hope things are going well for you and your family.  How does someone contact Pro Players for Tournaments? (Other than AD's in Mags) Would you sign a Cue for a Charity Raffle?  Do most Pro Players have Agents? (Do you?) All in All........Thanks For The Picture.....Good Luck With Your Career.......God Bless You & Your Family.......
Thanks for writing in. I am sorry you caught me in a hurry. Glad the picture came out great. Yes I do signings for charity. And any other things you need. Just e-mail me back.  Thanks, Johnny 

I am a working father, avid player and lover of the game, and a full time college student doing an in-depth research paper of the history of pool, the geometry of the game, and it's famous players throughout the ages. You being one the best in the modern era, do you have any information that could be of help to me. I look forward to hearing back from you.  Thanks, Mike Carew
Thanks for doing a paper on billiards. You want regret it. The best way to get information on our sport is to contact the BCA. They will be able to help you with the history of the sport. If you need anymore help write back in.   Thanks, Johnny

From Aaron: hi johnny im a big fan of yours. i am a scratch golfer that loves pool and is trying to get better i have a good work ethic when it comes to putting in practice time and i have a table. i can practice every day and play 1 weekly tournament at danny k,s in orange california. i just wanted to see if i could get some direction from a player whose opinion i respect. if you where me what types of drills do you think would be most beneficial i prefer to practice drills at home rather than play a lot. im actually looking for a schedule of sorts so my practice time is productive thanks a lot aaron suarez 26 irvine california
Great to see somebody from golf come over and try our sport instead the other way around. Your practice drills needs to be what you like. When I go to the golf course to practice I don't putt very much (even though I should). I really hit a lot of range balls.  So pick out one part of the game and work on it till you get bored. Then go to something else. If you need anymore help write me back.  Thanks, Johnny 

Johnny, how many awards have you won since this point?
I don't really know how many awards I have gotten to this point. I have gotten 6 player of the year awards, 4 world championships, 1 us open, and most of all player of the decade in the 90's.   Thanks, Johnny

From Bryant Pittman: Are you really going to be the tournament director at the BCA Junior National Qualifier in Atlanta, Georgia, at Barley’s Billiards? I'm from South Carolina and I am going to travel up there with my mom to come play in the tournament. Can you sign my pool stick before we all play, it will bring me good luck and I will win 1st place. I am going to play in the 18 and under. I am 15 years old.
Yes, I am going to direct the Jr. national qualifier at Barley's Billiards this weekend. If you will come up to me before we get so busy I will sign your cue for you. Drive careful on the way down. Best of luck in the tournament.   Thanks, Johnny

Mr. Archer, I would like to say that you are my all time favorite player in the world of billiards. I have been playing now for 5 years and I have rapidly increased my game. I mostly play 8-ball and I try to get to all tourneys I can. I recently was approached by an individual that wants to sponsor me and help me take my game to the next level. What kind of advice would you be able to give me on how to get into professional billiards?
First of all glad to see that you are a big fan. The best way to get into pro  billiards is to get in touch with the UPA. You can get all the information from the magazines such as Billiards digest, Pool and Billiard mag., Inside Pool. Or, write back to AZ billiards they have the info too.   Thanks, Johnny

Johnny, Hi Johnny! My name is Kevin and I'm in 10th grade. I have to do an I-Search project for my english class. An I-Search is a type of research paper but each kid has his or her own topic. I picked pocket billiards. I have only played casually but for my project I want to enter a small tournament. What is some advice you can give me for when I enter this tournament? Is there any etiquette in billiards i should know of? Thank You Kevin The only etiquette I know is be yourself. Show some class. Respect the players you are playing. Good luck, if you need any help don't hesitate to write back in.  Thanks, Johnny

From Drew Baxley: Hey, Johnny how's it going remember me? Drew from Chattanooga Billiards Club (CBC). I just wanted to tell you that I had such a great time, I also got to meet Nick Varner and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, and they autographed my cues! Hope to see you soon!
Yes I remember you, hope you are doing well. Thanks for writing in, hope to see you soon.   Thanks, Johnny

In the 1950's John Fitzpatrick, known as Rags, used to play in Washington, DC, his hometown, and hustle all over the country. I was told at the time he was the best 9 ball player in the world. If you know, please tell me how he would compare to you, Earl the Pearl, Mika, Bustamante, etc. I admire you a lot and hope you continue to win. You're a careful, thoughtful player, and don't seem to have any fear. PS At 73, I can still play run-out 9-ball. And I learn a lot watching you play. Good Luck Bill McVeigh (known in my youth as Phony Mosconi ever since I played him in an exhibition)
It would be hard for me to compare myself with the older players. I think we would be just as good or maybe a little better. My reason is because the game now is more of a power game as opposed to a finesse game back then. I think that is the same difference between the women and the men. It would be very hard for the top women player to compete with the top male player.   Thanks, Johnny 

From Alex: Hi, Johnny. I have a question about your dominant eye. Which eye is your dominant ,right or left ? I have right dominant hand, but my dominant eye is left. Mine is opposite. Whenever I have straight shoot , I cannot feel straight. Could you give me any advice or suggestion ?
I am not exactly sure what advice I can give you on your dominant eye. But I know Earl Strickland shoots with his right eye directly on the other side of the cue. So I think it matters too much. If you need any more help write back in.   Thanks, Johnny 

Mike Baykara
Hi Johnny, recently i saw you playing with a cue extender you attached to your cur for longer shots, i'd like to know how you like the extender and the brand name of it, thanks Mike.
I really like my cue extension, it has won me a lot of matches. It is made by a case maker out of georgia named John Hager. I think he is out of Dalton, GA. I would recommend getting one.   Thanks, Johnny 

From Jay:  Hi Johnny, I was wondering if you knew any top pool instructors in the area of Houston or Austin Tx. and if so please give me their names and contact information. Thx Jay. PS. I hope you win the rest of the tournaments you play in this year, because you are my favorite pro player.
I really don't know any instructors around the area of houston. You can try to get in touch with Jeremy Jones. He would be a great teacher to have. He is one of the best players ever. You can get his information through az billiards. Best of luck and keep in touch.   Thanks, Johnny

From David: Johnny, In am from Beaumont, Texas. Who would you say is the strongest player from Texas? Past and present. Also, What is the best way to stay focused during a real long match?
The best player I know of from texas is Jeremy Jones. He has proven himself over the years as being a very consistent winner on tour. The way I help myself under pressure is focus on nothing but the job at hand. Come up with a preshot routine before every shot. It will help in the long run.      Thanks, Johnny 

Dear Johnny, I gave up the game for two years because I was going to college, and between my job and homework I didn't have time. My game was rusty at first but I am slowly getting some speed. I am focusing on my mechanics and trying to get a consistent pre-shot routine, with long sessions of Straight Pool. I bought the video from Accu-stats of the 2003 US Open 9 ball match between you and Mika. I am trying to emulate your approach because you are my favorite player. I changed my stance from a more erect position to a stance as low as yours and my game improved a lot. I also want to work on my eye movement. On the video there aren't any closeups good enough to discern what you are doing. My question is what is your eye movement routine? I know that when you pull the trigger you should be looking at the contact point on the object ball. But what do you do on the warm-up strokes? Do you look down at the cue stick and cue ball on every warm-up stroke on the forward half, and look at the object ball on the backswing, or do you take the first full warm up stroke with your eyes glued to the object ball, or even the very last full warm-up stroke looking at the object ball only? I am excited in improving my game with correct eye movement. Thanks, Johnny Heins
To be honest with you there is no correct way with your eye movement. It is really whatever is comfortable to you. I really don't know what I look at last. I don't think you should be worrying what to look at last while you are down on your shot. It IS JUST ONE MORE DISTRACTION. If you need anymore help feel free to e-mail me back.  Thanks, Johnny 

From Sam Cole: Hi my name is Sam. I watch you every chance I get I'm interested in getting better maybe even going pro some day. I already practice my stoke, pre-shot, and countless drills. I fill I am getting better all the time what mental things do you do before a match and what do you practice before a big tournament to stay in stoke any help would be great.
I just wanted to let you know to get ready for a whole new world when you are talking about going pro. But it is awesome. The way I get ready for a match is I just try to relax. I try to do whatever I can to just concentrate on nothing but what's in front of me. THE MATCH AT HAND. The way I practice for a tournament is, I like to practice with other people because it gets me ready for a match. I practice the pressure the match consists of. If there is nobody to practice with, I like to practice straight pool (14.1). It gets me in the rhythm of running balls. That is what helps me the most.    Thanks, Johnny 

Hi Johnny, You're a great player and I'm in awe of your breaks. Can you give me a few tips on breaking both 8 & 9 ball. I don't know what my handicap is, but I'm about a C player hoping to get better. Sincerely, Ed Kodatt
P.S. Good luck to you and Melanie on your first child.
You need to first concentrate on hitting the 1 ball solid.  When you can do that consistently, then you can start trying to hit the balls harder. Start with hitting the balls with about 65 to 70% of your power.  When you get consistent on hitting the 1 ball solid you can get harder and harder.  HIT THE 1 BALL SOLID.    Thanks, Johnny 

Ken McCarty writes: Hello, I have been playing seriously for about 4 years now and I am thinking about starting to play in tournaments in my area. I have one problem that keeps dogging me: my break. I either break too soft and nothing goes in, or I jump the ball of the table from hitting so hard. I normally break from the right side of the table, about an inch out and half inch back from the second diamond, I use 1/2 cue tip low english. Could you offer me any advice?
 If you are jumping the cue ball off the table, you should slow down your break about 20%. Concentrate more on hitting the 1 ball solid than hitting the balls harder. This should help your break.   Thanks, Johnny 

From Anthony Rindone: hi johnny. will you be coming to the mass area for an appearance anytime soon.
I don't know when I will be coming to the mass. area. Hopefully it will be soon.   Thanks, Johnny 

Johnny, I have been playing pool for about 2 years now. I read, play, dream, and sleep pool everyday. "I Love this Game". What do I do, Where do I go, Who do I see, to become a professional pool player? Thank You, Ryan Berg
To become a pro pool player it takes a lot of hard work. But I think you can do it. Get in touch with the Upa. They will help you.   Thanks, Johnny 

hi johnny. i am josh souvannakasy. I want to know in your future years are you going to call your son scorpion part two?
I don't know really what he will be called in the future. We call him by his middle name, which is Lee.   Thanks, Johnny 

From Al Romanot: Hi Johnny, Where and when are the USA and/or World "Straight Pool tournaments??? I have been lucky to see many of the greats in action, Mosconi, Balsis, Caras, Rempe, Mathews, Hopkins and yourself among others.  I would love to be able to take my sons to see what I consider the Greatest form of pool. PLEASE!!! reply Thanks !!! Al
I don't know if they are holding any big straight pool tournaments this year. Get in touch with the BCA they should know.  Thanks, Johnny

From Lisa Strickland: Congratulations to you and your wife Melanie on your birth of your son Johnny Jr. and I have kept up with everyone's playing and you seem to have it on target. Again, Congratulations you and your family deserve the best life has to offer.  -Lisa Strickland
It has been a long time, hope you are doing well. Thanks for the congratulations, we are doing wonderful. Hope to hear from you soon.          Johnny, Melanie and Johnny Jr.

From Joe: Hi Johnny. First off, I would like to congratulate you and your wife, Melanie, on the birth of your son, Johnny Lee Archer Jr.. This is great news (although i'm sure that goes without saying). If you don't mind, I would like your honest opinion about something. I started playing pool seriously when I was 17 (about two years ago). I am very serious about my game and I hope that one day I may make it to become a professional. I try to practice every day, but I can usually only get about 25 or 30 practice hours per week. I reside in PA, and am currently taking lessons from another professional, Jim Rempe. Judging from your experience, do you believe that if I continue on this route, I may one day be able to bring my game to the professional level? I always hear how so many professionals begin to play at ages like 7 or 10. It gets a bit discouraging sometimes, because I feel that I have started at too late an age to be able to do anything significant with my game. Please don't be afraid to be honest with me and thank you for your time in advance.
I don't think it is to late to become pro. Just go about it the right way. Watch tapes ,take lessons and play in as many little tournaments as possible. Good luck ,and thanks for the congratulations. Johnny

When players write to you, asking how to aim, your pat answer is to say that you get three feet back from the shot, then you shoot parallel lines. That is all hogwash. That is not how you aim. Why don't you level with these recreational players? You use the aiming system whereby you aim the center of the cue ball at the edge of the object ball for any and all shots. You know exactly what I am talking about. We both know about placing the cue tip either left or right of cue ball center, and you know why we do that. Get honest for a change. These recreational players are no threat. Tell them the truth. - Hal Houle
I really don't know why you keep writing about my aiming system. Everybody that is listening, IT IS MY AIMING SYSTEM. I hope this would relieve some pressure that you have.    Thanks, Johnny 

From Lloyd:  Hi Johnny, Congratulations on the birth of your son, hope little johnny junior can follow in your footsteps and shoot some amazing pool. I have the Scorpion USA cue, same as the one you used in 2002, i have a problem in that the shaft becomes very sticky, i clean it on a regular basis, and use the correct solution to treat it, however, it still does not run smoothly through my grip. I have tried using a glove and it helps a little but im very sub-conscious of using it and it is effecting my concentration. Talc is not an option in the hall where i play. I love the feel of the cue otherwise, and it looks great. It gets a lot of comments and looks from other players. I don't have this problem on the scorpion break/jump cue just my playing cue. Any suggestions on how to get this cue smooth, or do i need to replace the shaft with a wood one that i can sand down?
Thanks for the congratulations. We are doing great. Your is sticky because it has a fiberglass coating on it. What I do is always carry a bottle of baby powder in my case. Maybe carry some shaft cleaning papers you. Nick's Edge is a great product. It is made by Nick Varner. I have some.     Thanks, Johnny 

From Roland Garza: Johnny and Melanie, Congratulations on your wonderful baby boy and God Bless.
Thanks for the congratulations from the Archer family, Johnny, Melanie, Lee and Harley. We are doing great. 

From josh souvannakasy: hi johnny, i got a joke for you: what did the pool player say to his opponent? rackem up and play. my question is why people don't want to play with house cue?
Thanks for the joke. HA Ha. We don't use house cues because, our cues are custom made to our specs. They are just the right weight, size, length, the perfect tip for our strokes, among other things. Hope you find the one you are looking for.   Thanks, Johnny 

From Nathan : I am 12 years old and I was wondering if you can tell me some stuff about pool for a school project. Did you have to go to college, how much do u make, and can I find a junior tournament for me or am I to young. I want to be just like you. Also can you tell me some more information for my project. Your the best Johnny.
Young players like yourself give me goose bumps when I hear some of the things you say about me. I LOVE THAT. First of all, I didn't go to college. I didn't even finish high school. That is the only regret that I have. FINISH SCHOOL. They do have some junior tournaments for players of your age. Try to get in touch with the BCA, they will help you. Thanks for writing in, you made my day. Up until I went in my bedroom and picked my son up and gave him a kiss. Best of luck and keep shooting straight. Stay in touch.     Johnny 

Hey Johnny, just wanted to say congrats on all you have accomplished. And I have a question about pool cues. I am a very avid player of the game and would very much like you professional opinion on the Lucasi stick. Or if you could point me in a good direction in a price range $200-$500? Thanks Sandy, small town Ohio.
I think lucasi cues are good cues but, the 5280 cues that cuestix international carries are a little bit better for the money.    Thanks, Johnny 

Hey Johnny! This may sound a bit tacky, but I figure you'll get a kick out of it. I've been playing pool off and on now for 15 years--ever since I was hustled the first time I stepped foot into a real pool hall in Fayetteville, NC back in the day. I instantly fell in love with the game from that day on (despite the $30 or $40 dollars that I lost). In that same little pool hall ("Players Billiards"--it's gone now, though) I had the honor of seeing some of the truly great players and legends of the game--David Howard, Bill "Weenie Beenie" Stanton, Cliff Joyner (BTW--Cliff wouldn't play Beenie in One Pocket that night--probably a wise move on Cliff's part), and--at that time--a young 13 or 14 year old phenom named Mike "Train" Coltrain. Something else that has kept my heart in the game for these many years is the fact that pool is the only sport in which professionals such as yourself will generally interact with the public like "regular" folks, either in a tournament forum or internet forum--I commend you and the other pros like you for that. I actually watched you play in a tournament in Raleigh some years back as well. The thing that still stands out in my mind today about your game during that tournament was your break shot. I swear, when you hit those balls, THE SOUND the cue ball made smashing into the rack! On your next break, I remember closing my eyes and just listening to your break. At that time, with my eyes closed, I would have bet anyone there that you weren't actually breaking the balls with a cue, but instead, pulling out a high caliber pistol and shooting at the 9-ball rack! I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that you (as well as Bustamante) have one of the finest breaks I've ever seen. QUESTION 1: In an earlier post, you said that you use a 20 oz break cue. I've heard that using a lighter break cue (18-18.5 oz) is actually better, because it allows you to get more momentum into your stroke, plus it helps with maintaining control. Do you believe this to be true? QUESTION 2: What type of break cue do you use? QUESTION 3: I know that you play with a Scorpion cue, but have you ever hit balls with a Predator shaft? If so, what is your opinion of the whole "less deflection, more accuracy" claim? Thanks for your time, Johnny, and keep hittem' straight! James
I think going to a lighter break cue could be best for some players.  I think you should go as heavy as possible while able to control the cue ball and hit the balls very hard. I use a scorpion break cue. I don't believe in the no deflection bull. I think you need as much feel as possible.    Thanks, Johnny 

Johnny, I have an ongoing debate with a hardheaded friend of mine regarding the size of the tables used on the 9-ball TV matches shown on ESPN. I claim the tables are 9 footers (100" X 50") and that the same size tables are used by the men and the women for these TV matches. My buddy Ray claims the women use a smaller table. Help!
We do use 9-foot tables on tv. That is pretty much all we play on. As far as I know the women use the same size tables. I hope this helped your debate.   Thanks, Johnny 

Hello, Johnny. My name is Mark Griebling and I play pool in San Diego. I watched a close match between you and Jay Swanson way back in the "Pool Heavyweights" series. How close were you to the late Jay Swanson and what impact has he made to you and your game? Also, what happened to the men's tour if any?
I remember them days back at the heavyweight billiards show. I didn't think anybody else remembered. I was very close to  "Swannie". He was a big inspiration on my game and my life. I will tell you a quick story. Last time I seen  "Swannie" I had a tournament in San Diego where he lived. I came in town early to do some promotion for the tournament. I got in touch with "Swannie" to get together with him and go over some old times. We did the second night I was in town. We had a great time. The next day he called me about noon to find out what the dress code would be for the tournament. He hadn't played in a pro tournament in about 10 years, because of health problems. I kind of talked him into playing. Well, after the phone call I went to play golf with Kim Davenport. He said we would get together again that night. That was the last time I spoke to him. He died of a heart attack that evening. I loved "Swannie"  with all my heart. We used to go on the road when was a lot younger. He helped me with everything. Needless to say I went on to win the tournament and it was because he was there with me. I get a little emotional just talking about him because he meant so much to me. But it is okay because he is in a much better place now. "Swannie" I love you and am going to take some divots in your memory. (it was something between him and I). Thank you for letting me remember him.   Johnny 

Johnny, I recently purchased the Scorpion 01 model and i must say it is an awesome piece of work. You have produced very well weighted, balanced and beautiful cue and for the money you CANNOT BEAT IT. This cue plays just as well as cues in the thousand dollar range!!!! Thank you and i hope to see you in California sometime. Best regards, Roland
Thanks for the nice complement on the scorpion cue. Because I feel the same way. Keep shooting straight.    Thanks, Johnny 

Thanks for being a big fan. My middle name is not scorpion, it is Lee. The same middle name as my new son. Scorpion is actually my nickname.    Thanks, Johnny

From Felix: hi johnny i'm a big fans o yours really!!! i'm from indonesia, i love to watch you, especially when you match against efren reyes. Btw u just bought your cue type scorp24 actually (i'm just a beginner:) ) i have a question can i change the shaft with 314 (predator) blank no joint? and what is your joint type? because if i can change it, i will be get a question from the cue maker. ok johnny good luck for you hope to see u soon thx!!
Thanks for being such a fan. It's good to know that I have fans way over there. If you want to change your shaft it should be no problem. Just make sure the joint fits before they send it to you. I am not sure what kind of joint my shaft has on it.   Thanks, Johnny

From Chris Callahan: Hi Johnny. My question is about the length of pool cues. Do you or any other professional players use a 58+ inch cue and do you see any pros and cons in doing so? Also I was curious about the extension that I saw you use on TV once. I think it was the Mosconi in 2003. I have seen various extensions for sale on the Internet, but I haven't seen that one before.
A lot of us pros use a 58 inch cue. I don't really know if there is advantages or disadvantages. I guess it is whatever feels good in your hands. About the extension I use, it is made by John Hager out of Dalton, Ga. It is a great invention. It has made a big difference in my game.     Thanks, Johnny

Hey Johnny, I have been a huge fan since 1989 and have always enjoyed your play throughout these years. I played you in a tournament at South Bay Billiards in Los Angeles back in 92 i believe. Needless to say i broke and made 3 balls, snookered myself and you ran the rack. I figure after that butt whipping you owe me one of your new Scorpion Model 1 que's. Best of luck with your new series. THEY ROCK JUST LIKE YOU BUDDY. Best regards, Roland Garza
Thanks for writing in, it has been a long time since 91 and south bay billiards. I appreciate you remembering back that far. A lot has happened since then. Don't be a stranger, keep in touch.   Thanks, Johnny

Johnny, Thanks for your help on my 8-ball break. Came in 2nd in local tournament. I used your advice on all of my breaks. I lined it up on both sides of the rack about 4-6 inches from the center on the kitchen line, and aimed at about a tip location off the center line of the APEX ball on the same side I was breaking. I used 1/2 tip of low inside english on most breaks. Had 2 break and runs in same tournament and on several breaks, I sunk 2 to 4 balls. I lowered my speed and only sunk 1 ball using same technique, in fact I thought the ball was going to die in front of the pocket a couple times. My competitors are still talking about how well I played. My whole confidence and concentration level drastically improved just with advice on the break. It felt great. Thank You so much. Your friend and fan. Bill
Thanks for writing me back with your progress. It means a great deal to me when I hear such positive things. If you need any more help feel free to write back in.  Good luck in the future.   Your friend, Johnny

My name is Josh Souvannakasy. I watch mosconi cup on tv. who do you think your team will play for 2004 mosconi cup?
It is not going to change much from last years team. You will definitely have Steve Davis, Ralf Souquet, and Mika Immonen. he other three is up for grabs. Keep in touch.    Thanks, Johnny

From Jake Folsom: i play pool a lot but there's one thing that gets in my way. so that's why im asking you. how do you jump the cue ball. i cant seem to do it.
The only way to make a legal jump shot is to hit down on the cue ball. It presses the cue ball into the table and trampolines over the object ball. Remember don't scoop the cue ball over the object ball, that is illegal.    Thanks, Johnny

From Jake Folsom: Hi Johnny, you are my hero and you inspire me to keep playing pool. 1 ques. i was wondering how you line up your shots so GREATLY.
The way I line up my shots is I stand back about three feet behind the cue ball. I look straight from the cue ball to the point where I am going to hit the object ball. Then I step down on that line to the cue ball. If you need any more help write me back.    Thanks, Johnny